Hey! I’m Matt, and thank you for visiting my page. I’m from the great province of Newfoundland and grew up in a small town on the west coast of the province. However, I live in Toronto, Ontario now.

I got my start in photography in junior high/middle school developing film in a dark room. Then during university, I joined a community outreach group, where shot some events and picked up my first dslr. From there, I started shooting everything I could. Beautiful scenery and landscapes, portraits, charity events to develop my skills.

When I moved to Toronto, I was lucky enough to join a wedding studio. I started off shooting photos, but quickly developed a desire for video as well.

That brings me to today; I focus on portraits, events, and weddings with photo and video coverage. My goal is for you to have the best experience and strive to meet your needs.

Typically when I get an inquiry, I like to setup an initial phone call where we can talk and start to get to know one another! We talk about what kind of photo or video coverage you need and also how I can be of service to you. I know a lot of people prefer text and email, but for this first conversation you can’t beat a phone call or skype meeting. I find this is the best way to start building a relationship, and to understand your vision.

My photography and editing style is bold and vibrant colours. I like to shoot from a variety of angles and perspectives to get you different looks and unique framing.

My video style is documentary and flowing. I love to include movement in my shots to draw the viewer’s attention in.

 I do shoot landscapes as well, so if you’re looking for an art piece for your office, home or as a gift, let’s chat. Have a look around and click on my portfolio to see some of my selected work! You can also get in touch by using the contact page.



Here are some publications that I’ve been featured in :

 - Newfoundland Herald (Eastbound Hoedown 2015)

 - Quip Magazine (DJ/Producers - Romare and Harrison 2017)

 - Uncut Magazine (Thundercat May 2017 issue)

 - Uncut Magazine (Aimee Mann July 2017 issue)

 - Quip Magazine (Unity Festival 2017)