Video is a huge passion of mine. From the movement, the music, the audio and the lighting, I want to create unique videos that tell a story - that tells your story.


Jess and Graham - Wedding Highlight Video

532 days prior to Sept 22nd 2018 - Graham proposed to Jess. Two beautiful people have found true love. Jess and Graham's wedding highlight video shot at Arta Gallery - Distillery District, located in Toronto, Ontario. Wedding Photographer and Videographer - Toronto, Ontario

Miers Water Centre

Miers Water Centre is a business that focus on clean water, health, and demystifying what you should be doing in your household - for you, for your family. We wanted to create a promo video that shows off all the products and features that Miers has. After drinking the water that comes from Miers, you won’t want to drink anything else.

Isha Dami

Isha is a visual artist based in Toronto, Ontario. Her work is amazing and she is known for her use of vibrant colours, splatter paint and clean lines. We wanted to create a video that tells the audience who Isha is, how she got started, where the influences come from and of course; shows off her work!